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A delivery and set up fee will be added to all Ice Cream Social and Root Beer Float catering orders.  Catering is set up self-serve "buffet style" unless a server is requested for an additional fee.  Shipping fees will be applied to all Sundae Making Kit orders delivered by mail. 

A delivery fee of $150 will be added to all Ice Cream Cart orders.  In Texas, the minimum order is 192 novelties.  In New York, the delivery fee is $425, and the minimum order is 240 novelties.  All Ice Cream Carts are self-serve unless a server is requested for an additional hourly fee.

For ice cream trucks in Southern California and the New York area, the base rental price is $495 plus novelties.

For all Ice Cream Cart or Ice Cream Truck/Van orders, additional fees may apply based on event location, event date (holiday or weekend delivery), and event time (the start or end time is outside normal business hours).  We will be happy to provide you with an estimate based on your event parameters and specific requests prior to placing your order.

Availability will be confirmed once an official order has been placed and credit card information is on file.

Estimates are developed based on best case scenario availability with our primary resources. When primary resources are not available alternative resources will be utilized, which may affect estimated fees. If this occurs, customers will be given the opportunity to choose an alternative delivery date or opt out of the order (within 24 hours) without penalty. Otherwise, cancel or reduce orders at least 72 business hours in advance of the delivery date to avoid penalty. 

Ice Cream Socials, Carts & Trucks

Ice Cream Social

Ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, candy topping, sprinkles, whipped cream topping, and maraschino cherries. Minimum order 96 servings.


Sundae Making Kit

Packaging doubles as a bowl and includes packets of fudge sauce, M&M's, gummy bears, sprinkles, and a mini-spoon. Allow 3-7 days for shipping. Minimum order 24 kits.


Root Beer Floats

Vanilla ice cream, root beer, 16 ounce cups, straws, spoons, whipped topping, and sprinkles.  Minimum order 96 servings.


Ice Cream Cart Rental & Novelty Packages

Ice cream cart (4 hour rental) filled with a mix of classic brands and flavors including: ice cream bars, sandwiches, cones, popsicles, and frozen treats.

Cart rental $195 plus 144 novelties @ $2.25ea = $519.00

Cart rental plus 168 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $573.00

Cart rental plus 192 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $627.00

Cart rental plus 216 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $681.00

Cart rental plus 240 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $735.00

Cart rental plus 264 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $789.00

Cart rental plus 288 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $843.00

Cart rental plus 312 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $897.00

Cart rental plus 336 novelties@ $2.25ea =  $951.00

For more than 336 a second cart may be required


          For more information on carts, please contact

Ice Cream Truck/Van Rental & Novelty Packages
Ice cream truck or van (1 hour rental) filled with a mix of classic brands and flavors including: ice cream bars, sandwiches, cones, popsicles, and frozen treats.  Additional time may be added for this service at $95 per hour.

Truck/van rental $295 plus 144 novelties @ $3.25ea = $763.00

Truck/van rental $295 plus 192 novelties @ $3.25ea = $919.00
Truck/van rental $295 plus 240 novelties @ $3.25ea = $1075.00
Truck/van rental $295 plus 288 novelties @ $3.25ea = $1231.00
Truck/van rental $295 plus 336 novelties @ $3.25ea = $1387.00

For more than 336 novelties please contact customer service

           For more information on trucks, please contact